A Little Decoration

A little late, I know, but maybe this is something you can do now with all the Christmas sales that are going on.

photo (19)

I just used some ornaments I had and knew I wasn’t going to use. These are mini bulbs for a small Christmas tree and a few regular sized bulbs.
Pretty cute, huh.

I had some white ribbon. Ribbon, yarn, string, anything would work, really.

photo (18)

And I had red and silver ornaments.

photo (20)

Do you see how easy this is?
Well, it wasn’t as easy as you think.
I had two little helpers.
These are glass bulbs so I didn’t really want them ‘helping’ too much. But they managed to wiggle their tiny fingers in the way and handed me the bulbs and ribbon… and unraveled the ribbon.
If these weren’t glass, it would be a good project that the kids could help with.

photo (4)

I gathered about 3-4 bulbs on each ribbon and knotted them on. None were the same, they all had a different design.

photo (2)

Then I tied them to the ceiling light above the dining room table.

photo (3)

Now that I took them down, it looks rather bare. So I can’t wait to put them up again next year. Maybe I’ll add a strand of garland around the lights too.



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